A limited edition Beck's bottle featuring the work of US artist Jeff Koons has joined the works of some of the UK's most famous artists in the Tate Gallery archive.

The former Wall Street commodities broker has created Pam the latest of 21 bottle label designs commissioned by Beck's. A life sized porcelain replica of Michael Jackson and his pet chimp Bubbles by Koon's sold recently for US$5m at auction.

Maurice Breen, brands director said: "The idea of commissioning artists to produce customised bottle labels for Beck's was conceived in 1987 when Gilbert and George - true to their motto of art for all - warmed to the idea of putting their work on bottles of beer."

The limited edition bottles are not on general sale. Recently four bottles, with label designs by Tracey Emin, Douglas Gordon, Rachel Whiteread and Tatsuo Miyajima were auctioned at a charity event and fetched £3,800 (US$5,400).