InBev USA will launch a summer advertisement push next week for flagship brand Beck's as it tries to tune into the "independent" consumer.

Beck's director of marketing Ronnie Tucker said: "Our research shows Beck's is a brand that resonates with consumers who make independent choices about what they do, what they drink and who they enjoy our brand with.

The adverts, which are called "Wake Up", follow a man in his mid-twenties sleeping after a completely average day, before waking up at a neighbour's party - where he is prompted to "wake up" and join the celebration.

Tucker added: "Most importantly, when they make these choices they also describe themselves as not being average, but willing to step out from the crowd and make their own decisions. 'Wake Up' reinforces their belief system in an original and unexpected way."

The television advertisement will be coupled with a mix of national and spot buys in major metropolitan areas until 1 October, InBev USA said.