Click through to view BeBevCos Koma Unwind Zero

Click through to view BeBevCo's Koma Unwind Zero

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Bebida Beverage Company's Koma Unwind Zero  

Category – Soft drink, "liquid relaxation" beverage

Available – From this month

Location – US, nation-wide

Price – Not disclosed

The Bebida Beverage Company has launched a zero-calorie version of its "liquid relaxation" product, Koma Unwind.

Koma Unwind Zero comes in 35cl cans and contains no sugar. The company said the product is already available in Europe, but did not specify which countries.

“This is a strategic move for us and since the product and packaging is already developed it will cost us no additional money to market here in the US,” said BeBevCo CEO Brian Weber.

Last month, the company launched Koma Unwind in Australia and New Zealand.