Bebida Beverage Co (BeBevCo), has signed its largest distribution deal in Europe.

The US-based energy drinks producer has signed a letter of intent with an Italian distribution and marketing group for its Koma Unwind beverage. BeBevCo said last week that it would not release the name of the firm until it had completed the deal, "due to the magnitude" of the pending agreement. Financial details were not disclosed.

Earlier this month, BeBevCo announced plans to expand into Europe with the formation of a new business entity, Bebida Beverage Co EU. The unit will be the sales and marketing arm for all European sales of the firm's products.

The unit will be operational from "early 2012", the company said.

"By early next year, we expect to have BeBevCo EU completely staffed and continuing the certification process via health and Government entities in Europe for our products," said BeBevCo's CEO, Brian Weber. "The certification process is well on its way in the respective countries we are going to be doing business in."