Click through to view Beam Incs Sourz Spirited Mango

Click through to view Beam Inc's Sourz Spirited Mango

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Beam Inc's Sourz Spirited Mango  

Category - Liqueur, fruit flavoured, 15% abv

Available - From later this year

Location - UK, only in Asda supermarkets

Price - GBP11.99 (US$19) per 70cl bottle

Distribution - Maxxium UK

Beam Inc's fruit liqueur brand Sourz has launched another flavour in the UK market.

Sourz Spirited Mango will be released later this year with an exact time to be confirmed. The new flavour was picked by Sourz and Asda's Facebook users from three choices, also including Melon and Spirited Orange.

Spirited Mango won with 54% of the votes, Maxxium said.

Maxxium, which is Beam Inc's sales and marketing JV, launched a TV campaign last year for another Sourz flavour, raspberry.