Click through to view Beam Incs Cruzan Peach Rum

Click through to view Beam Inc's Cruzan Peach Rum

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Beam Inc's Cruzan Peach Rum

Category - Spirits, rum, flavoured

Available - From this week

Location - US, nation-wide

Price - SRP of US$14.99 per 75cl bottle

Distribution - Beam Inc

Beam Inc has launched another flavour extension for its Cruzan rum brand. Cruzan Peach rolls out across the US this week.

Beam's former parent company, Fortune Brands, acquired Cruzan from Pernod Ricard in 2008.

Full-year sales for the Cruzan portfolio, announced last month, rose by 2% in 2013 on the year previous.

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Cruzan Rum announces today the launch of Cruzan Peach Rum, the newest trend-forward innovation to join its robust portfolio of premium, flavored rums. Now available nationally, this new spirit blends fine Cruzan Rum with the sweet taste of juicy, ripe peaches to create a flavor reminiscent of the summer season’s finest fruit harvest. 

Cruzan Peach Rum introduces a fresh, succulent flavor to the enticing Cruzan Rum lineup. Like all Cruzan rums, Cruzan Peach is crafted by Cruzan Master Distiller Gary Nelthropp, whose family has been making rum on the island of St. Croix for generations. Cruzan Peach is made from tropical rainwater and high-quality molasses and is distilled with a unique five-column distillation process to create the cleanest-tasting rum on the market. 

“Cruzan is constantly searching for the freshest flavors and innovations that will appeal to loyal fans of our rum, as well as those trying it for the first time,” said Brendan Lynch, Senior Director of Rum & Cordials at Beam Inc. “That’s why we are especially excited to introduce Cruzan Peach to the Cruzan Rum family.” 

“This flavor embodies the spirit of St. Croix and is the perfect addition to any cocktail that rum lovers will want to enjoy this season and beyond,” said Nelthropp.

Cruzan Peach is now available with a suggested retail price of $14.99 per 750 mL bottle. It joins the Cruzan portfolio of rums that includes Cruzan Aged Light Rum, Cruzan Aged Dark Rum, Cruzan Black Strap Rum, Cruzan Estate Diamond Light Rum, Cruzan Estate Diamond Dark Rum, Cruzan Single Barrel Rum, Cruzan 151 Proof Rum, Cruzan 9 Spiced Rum and 13 other flavored rums infused with natural flavors, such as vanilla, coconut, key lime, passion fruit, mango and strawberry.

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