Beam Inc is planning to expand its Maker’s Mark distillery with a US$67m investment to meet demand for the Bourbon.

The company is preparing to install a third still at its Loretto, Kentucky, distillery, which will boost production capacity by 50%, it said earlier today (28 February). The new still, which will be a replica of the current two, will take around 18 months to complete, the company said.

New warehouses will also be built over a seven-year period as part of the investment.

Beam said the size of the investment was necessary due to the whiskey's "purposefully inefficient" production process.

Rob Samuels, Maker’s Mark COO, said: “We’re doing this because ... Maker’s Mark Bourbon takes time to age to perfection, and that’s left us running a bit short of supply in recent years due to the ever-increasing demand.”

A year ago, Beam said it was planning to cut the abv on Maker’s Mark due to rising demand for the Bourbon. However, the company reversed the decision a week later after the move was widely criticised by consumers on social media.

Beam is in the process of being acquired by Japan's Suntory Holdings for $16bn. The deal is expected to complete in April.