Beam Inc enjoys early success for Teachers RTD

Beam Inc enjoys early success for Teacher's RTD

Beam Inc's VP of operations in India has said that its ready-to-drink Teacher's Scotch whisky is poised to steal share from premium beer in the country.

Satish Kaul said this week that the 4.8% abv, pre-mixed Teacher's and cola drink has proved a success in its first few weeks following launch. Initially launched in Mumbai at the turn of the year, the RTD whisky line, which also marries Teacher's with soda, is now being extended across India.

That could cause problems for the country's fledgling premium beer market, according to Kaul. "We have witnessed a high level of consumer demand for the new Scotch-based product, especially amongst premium beer drinkers," he said. "The cans have allowed us to introduce consumers to our Teacher’s whisky whilst maintaining the easy and refreshing drinking experience of canned beer.”

Beam has worked with global packaging firm Rexam to design the 330ml cans for Teacher's RTD. These are produce locally at Rexam's  Taloja Plant in Mumbai. "We are delighted to have been able to help develop the brand identity," said Rexam's VP for sales and marketing in India, Venkii Iyengar.