Courvoisier Exclusif on show at an event in London

Courvoisier Exclusif on show at an event in London

Beam Global Spirits & Wine has significantly raised its marketing spend on Courvoisier Cognac in the UK this year, in a sign that the firm has more confidence in the market.

Beam's UK distributor, Maxxium UK, will spend GBP15m (US$22.5m) on a range of activities and advert campaigns to expand Courvoisier's reach in the UK in 2010.

The group invested GBP12m in the brand in 2009, meaning that this year's spend represents a 25% increase.

Beam's move will be taken as a sign that the company has greater confidence in the UK economy in 2010.

Courvoisier VSOP is already the dominant Cognac brand by volume on the UK market. Beam Global reported recently that the variety grew market share in the UK in 2009, despite overall Courvoisier sales falling on the market.    

But, both Beam Global and Maxxium are keen to push higher styles of Courvoisier, notably Exclusif, which has been developed as premium, mixable Cognac for cocktails.

"At Maxxium UK we believe there is an exciting opportunity to grow the Cognac category by recruiting new consumers, encouraging those who don’t normally consider Cognac to try it," said Maxxium's marketing manager, Janice McIntosh.

Specific details on new marketing campaigns for 2010 have yet to be announced, but the overall strategy will include ongoing promotion of The Courvoisier Future 500 network for entrepreneurs, as well as work with bartenders.

Maxxium will also continue to push its Le Nez de Courvoisier experience, which involves blindfolding consumers in order to teach them about the aromas in different Coourvoisier varieties.

Beam Global is the drinks arm of Fortune Brands.