DeKuyper has organised its portfolio of cordials and liqueurs into five separate categories in an effort to simplify its product offering in the US.

The company said today (8 February) that it has sorted almost 60 of its products into flavour and usage-based "families" and supported the repositioning of the range with updated packaging and merchandising.

The categories, named DeKuyper Luscious, DeKuyper Burst, DeKuyper Pucker, DeKuyper Signature and DeKuyper Flavoured Brandy, are based on both flavour profile and whether the liqueur is used as a "mixer, sipper, shot or after-dinner drink", the company said.

DeKuyper senior director Chris Mahoney said: "Organising our products into five families will help simplify consumers' shopping experience by identifying what product they should buy based on how they plan on using DeKuyper. The DeKuyper five families approach will help convert consumer browsing into purchasing by making the category simpler to shop."

The new packaging will begin to hit US store shelves next month and will be supported by merchandising to help retailers organise their liqueur aisles, the company added.