Beam Global Spirits & Wine is launching a new product line for its DeKuyper cordial and liqueur brand in the US.

DeKuyper Burst Bar Shots are pre-mixed shots that will come in three flavours: Red Headed Burst, Kamikaze Burst and Washington Apple Burst. The company said the flavours are based on popular shots from the on-trade.

"Burst Bar Shots are designed to help consumers when entertaining at-home and reduce the number of ingredients needed to create one great, mixed shot," said Sheryl Rosenberger, senior brand manager, DeKuyper. "This new product line reaffirms our commitment to simplifying the liqueurs category and the consumer shopping experience.

"When we developed DeKuyper Burst Bar Shots, we listened to bartenders who told us they wanted a way to serve great tasting shots in less time," Rosenberger continued. "By using our product, bartenders will be able to increase their interaction time with customers."

The DeKuyper Burst Bar Shots are a part of the DeKuyper Burst line, one of the five lines introduced in February 2008 when the brand reorganised its portfolio in an effort to simplify the category. The other lines are DeKuyper Luscious, DeKuyper Pucker, DeKuyper Signature and DeKuyper Brandy.

The new 40-proof product will be sold in 5 sizes: 50ml, 375ml, 750ml, 750ml plastic traveler and 1L bottles. A 750ml bottle of DeKuyper Burst Bar Shots has a suggested retail price of US$10.99, but will vary by market, the company said.