BE Innovations has introduced a tablet it claims replaces sports drinks.

The Chicago-based company said yesterday (17 January) that Zym, a lemon-lime flavoured tablet, can be added to water to match sports drinks for hydration.

Each non-carbonated tablet contains 250mg of sodium, 50mg of magnesium, 50mg of potassium, 30mg of calcium, 100mg of vitamin C, and several B-complex vitamins per 16-ounce serving.

"ZYM eliminates the hassle of dealing with messy powders or lugging around bottles of sports drinks," said Brian Koff, BE Innovations president and CEO. "It allows you to contain all of the necessary ingredients for proper hydration in the palm of your hand."

Zym has a suggested retail price of US$7.95 for 10 tablets, and is available at some sports, convenience & specialty stores across the US.