The Coca-Cola Company has completed testing and approved the use of VENDINGMISER(TM) on its cold drink vending machines, typically providing soft drinks, fruit juices, and bottled water. VENDINGMISER is a low-cost product which reduces the annual energy consumption of vending machines by an average 46%, so savings can exceed $250 per year per machine. Hosting locations do not usually own their vending machines, but invariably pay their substantial electric bill.

Cold drink vending machines, with their brightly lit front displays, consume 10-14 kWh per day, costing $200-$600 per year to operate, depending on local utility rates. The U.S.-installed base of cold drink machines is nearly 4 million units, costing locations over $1B a year, and producing 14.6 billion pounds of CO2 annually.

Universities, schools and commercial and federal institutions have installed thousands of VENDINGMISERs, and hundreds of independent tests have confirmed its efficacy. Many electric utilities are providing rebates ranging from $40 to $145 per unit. "VendingMiser is a slam dunk decision for utilities," according to Randy Bareither, Energy Services Engineer for Avista Corp. VENDINGMISER typically pays for itself in 1-2 years.

VENDINGMISER's unique blend of leading-edge technologies eliminates vending machine power consumption when not needed, yet ensures that the product is always cold and the vending machine is always available for sales. The Coca-Cola Company's testing validated that the VENDINGMISER maintains product temperature within the bottler's requirements. Additionally, VENDINGMISER will reduce the bottler's maintenance costs $20-$40 per year per machine, by increasing compressor and lamp life.

Some Coca-Cola bottlers are presently installing VENDINGMISERs for customers who purchased them, since both the bottler and the customer derive benefits -- lower maintenance and utility costs. This results in a win-win solution.

Priced at $160, the UL Listed VENDINGMISER comes with a three-year warranty and is made in the U.S.A.

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