Dutch brewer Bavaria has won a legal battle in the Spanish courts over a trademark conflict with Bayerischer Brauerbund.

The Spanish Supreme Court has rejected claims by Bayerischer Brauerbund and the German brewers' federation that the "Bavaria" trademark is in conflict with the geographical indication "Bayerisches Bier".   

Bavaria said today (18 June) that the ruling has "put an end" to the ten-year conflict. No further right of appeal exists, it said.

Bavaria said it had won the appeal "on all grounds" and that the court had ruled the protection for the geographical indication "Bayerisches Bier" did not extend to variations of that indication, such as "Bavaria".

The Supreme Court also concluded that "Bavaria" is a name with a "distinctive fantasy nature" that does not in any way conflict with the protected geographical indication "Bayerisches Bier".

Peer Swinkels, board member of Bavaria, said: "This conclusion is a great support to building our brand name in Europe. We can now concentrate on our business in Spain again."