Barton has announced details about the relaunch of its Ridgewood Reserve 1792 bourbon, following its court case against Brown-Forman. The Chicago-based company is to change the name of the drink to Ridgemont Reserve 1792, and will alter the label on its decanter-shaped bottle.

In a trial last month, Barton was forced to change the name of the bourbon, which it duly did. But, following a threat of appeal on the ruling by Brown-Forman, Barton will also move a small paper label at the base of the bottle to the rear, and will also delete arched lettering above the '1792' on the front of the label, according to the final judgment which was filed yesterday.

"Barton Brands undertook the settlement in the interest of avoiding the market uncertainty which could be created by an appeal by either party," Barton said yesterday in a statement. "By wrapping up this now, we are more able to focus on reintroducing '1792' in the same decanter bottle."

In a lawsuit filed last year, Brown-Forman argued that Ridgewood resembled its own popular Woodford Reserve too closely, and that consumers would confuse the two bourbons. The suit called on Barton to change the bourbon's name and label. Woodford Reserve's bottle carries a small paper label and arched lettering on the front.