Click through to view Barton & Guestiers new wine labels

Click through to view Barton & Guestier's new wine labels

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Bordeaux wine merchant Barton & Guestier (B&G) has revamped the packaging for its Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée wine range.

The wines, which cover 19 appellations and come from six of the main French wine growing regions, carry details of their regions as well as taste descriptors, B&G said.

More “prestigious” appellations will have a regional or village symbol, it said.

Back labels will also carry a QR code that takes consumers to a product sheet, the B&G website and the company's Facebook page. The new packaging replaces the Barton & Guestier Gold Labels, the company said.

In contrast to B&G's detailed information, UK-based Copestick Murray's I Heart range, released earlier this year, strips away most of the provenance details, including country of origin.