Carlsberg-owned Baltika Breweries is to launch a range of non-alcoholic carbonated beverages in the Russian market.

Crazy will be launched in June, the firm said today (24 May), in three varieties; cola, orange and lemon.

All varieties will be sold in 0.5-litre, 1-litre, and 2-litre PET bottles, and will be produced in two locations: the Baltika-Tula subsidiary and the Baltika- Krasnoyarsk subsidiary. In the long term, production is being considered in other Baltika breweries, the firm said.

Denis Sherstennikov, vice-president of marketing said that beer is, and will continue to be, the key sector for its business.

“At the same time, this launch is in complete accordance with Baltika’s strategy, aimed at diversifying our brand portfolio," Sherstennikov said. "Having products in different categories in our portfolio makes us less dependent on the situation in the beer market.”

“Producing soft drinks and other non-alcoholic products — like kvass and bottled water — we are substantially expanding the potential target audience for our products, and opening new long-term opportunities for developing and strengthening our position on the Russian market,” he added.

Last month the firm launched Life Spring bottled water in Russia.