Ball Corps 8oz can meets USDA-recommended guidelines

Ball Corp's 8oz can meets USDA-recommended guidelines

Ball Corp has launched a 'trim' aluminium drinks can that it says meets new US Department of Agriculture (USDA) school beverage guidelines in the US.

The 8oz package meets the newly-recommended guidelines from the USDA that specify 8oz as the maximum serving size for beverages sold in schools, Ball Corp said yesterday (12 July). The company noted, however, that it will also continue to produce its 8.4oz-size cans.

The smaller, lightweight can is designed for juices and other beverages for "portion-conscious consumers", and is "unbreakable, quick-chilling and 100% recyclable".

"We are committed to the North American beverage market and to meeting the growing demand for smaller, portion-control products," said Ball's VP for sales, Robert Miles.