The strike by workers at Peru's only brewer has ended. Staff at Backus y Johnston's Ate brewery in Lima returned to work yesterday after their 20-day strike.

The Peruvian brewer agreed to a pay rise of 2.80 soles (US$0.81) a day, as well as a one-off payment of 900 soles ($260) for ending the strike.

The 310 staff at the brewery, which produces more than half of Peru's beer, had originally demanded a wage increase of 5 soles a day. Backus has also agreed to increase pay for staff working late shifts, according to union leaders.

As reported earlier this week, Backus was confident that it had enough beer stockpiled to meet demand this month had the strike continued. Supplies would have started to run dry in early May.

The Ate brewery produces around 1m litres of beer a day.