The Peruvian brewer Union de Cervecerias Peruanas Backus & Johnston SAA, or Backus, is under investigation from the country's consumer protection agency Indecopi, following allegations from rival Latin American brewer Ambev it is involved in anti-competitive practices.

The allegations revolve around the issue of beer bottles. All brewers in Peru use the same bottles to prevent competitors from smashing up bottles and allowing increased recycling.

Ambev is currently building a US$40m brewery in Peru, which it hopes to be operational this year. However it claims Backus is trying to "impede or unjustifiably delay" its entry by stopping it from making the beer bottles.

In order to manufacture the bottles, Ambev must join a private sector industry committee. However the committee, dominated by Backus, has so far disallowed AmBev from joining.

A decision from Indecopi is expected in 120 days.