Click through for a closer look at Bacardis The Royal Brackla 35 Year Old

Click through for a closer look at Bacardi's The Royal Brackla 35 Year Old

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Bacardi's The Royal Brackla 35 Year Old

Category - Spirits, whisky, Scotch, Highlands, single malt, 49% abv

Available - From this week

Location - Travel Retail, initially at Singapore's Changi Airport

Price - US$15,000 per 70cl bottle, limited to 100 units

Distribution - Bacardi Global Travel Retail

The Travel Retail arm of Bacardi has launched a 35-year-old iteration of its parent company's The Royal Brackla single malt Scotch whisky. A total of 100 units will be available of the expression, which is available from outlets operated by DFS Group at Singapore's Changi airport.

The liquid has been finished in Sherry casks and is contained in individually-numbered bottles that are etched with the commemorative dates ‘1812-2012’. The Royal Brackla distillery, which was founded in 1812, produced the first Scotch to be granted a royal warrant.

Last month, Campari launched a 50-year-old version of its Glen Grant single malt. Limited to 150 units at $14,000 each, the expression is also available from Changi airport.

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The ultra-premium limited edition of just 100 bottles (70cL) of the THE ROYAL BRACKLA Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky is premiered at Singapore Changi Airport in partnership with DFS Group (DFS).

This is one of the most remarkable whisky launches in Travel Retail, targeted at the connoisseur’s desire to discover and covet a rare and refined, luxury single malt. Retailing at US$15,000, leading luxury travel retailer DFS leads the world with an exclusive allocation of the first retail bottles from this unique collection – stunningly presented to reflect its remarkable history and royal connections.

Founded in 1812 by Captain William Fraser, THE ROYAL BRACKLA distillery now celebrates its excellence in whisky making with a rare 35-year-old limited edition hand-selected by the current Master Blender, Stephanie McLeod, as an exceptional commemorative piece to mark the 200th anniversary of the founding of THE ROYAL BRACKLA distillery.

The rich, complex and luxuriously smooth signature character of the whisky is complemented by the delicate oak tones imbued by the finishing in sherry casks. The finishing in sherry casks produces the delightful sherry notes so much appreciated by King William IV, shown from historic records to have been a keen sherry drinker and connoisseur.

Through this royal appreciation, THE ROYAL BRACKLA enjoys the unique historical distinction of being the first Scotch whisky ever granted a royal warrant, bestowed by King William IV in 1833. The king’s personal appreciation of the liquid inspired Royal Brackla whisky to be known as ‘the King’s Own Whisky’ and ‘the Drink Divine’.

To celebrate this honor, the bottle design takes inspiration from the symbols of royalty: the crown holding the bottle; the orb represented by the sphere of the bottle; and the scepter, symbolized by the crystal stopper.

Both the bottle and the luxurious presentation box each carry THE ROYAL BRACKLA master crest, inspired by King William IV’s monogram. Through his distinguished naval career, King William IV was known as ‘the Sailor King’ and this theme is reflected in the design of THE ROYAL BRACKLA. The crest and filigree pattern on the crown are inspired by the emblem and detailing of the swords awarded to the king’s officers. This is carried trough to the braided pillars of the burgundy presentation box, created in the style of a sword grip.

Lastly, each bottle is etched with the commemorative dates ‘1812-2012’ and individually numbered in the limited edition of 100.

Irving Holmes Wong Regional Director Asia-Pacific and MEA, Bacardi Global Travel Retail, comments: “THE ROYAL BRACKLA is an extraordinarily beautiful presentation and marks a stunning entry to Travel Retail for the brand. THE ROYAL BRACKLA is one of the true leaders in malt whisky production and this expression is the ultimate luxury for the discerning connoisseur and collector.

We’re delighted to work closely with DFS in presenting THE ROYAL BRACKLA to travellers at Changi, sharing in a programme of activities to engage the target profile of highly affluent whisky connoisseurs with an elevated drinking experience that perfectly reflects the brand’s unique royal heritage.

THE ROYAL BRACKLA is a great representative of our commitment to ignite category excitement and growth with innovative and exclusive presentations for the Travel Retail channel.”

Brooke Supernaw, Senior Vice President, Global Merchandising – Spirits, Wine & Tobacco, DFS Group, comments: “We are delighted to be partnering with Bacardi Global Travel Retail in bringing the global launch of the extraordinary and exclusive, THE ROYAL BRACKLA to our flagship store in Singapore Changi Airport. The passenger profile provides the perfect audience for the launch and this presentation sets a new, royal, standard for the category.”

THE ROYAL BRACKLA is available now at DFS stores at Singapore Changi Airport.

THE ROYAL BRACKLA® enjoys the unique historical distinction of being the first Scotch whisky ever granted a royal warrant, bestowed by King William IV in 1833. This recognition led to its renown as ‘the royal distillery’ and become known as ‘The King’s Own Whisky’. The presentation bottle (70cL) is an exquisite expression of that royal connection.

THE ROYAL BRACKLA Distillery founded in 1812 by Cpt. William Fraser Cawdor, Nairn Northern Highlands of Scotland.

Liquid Type: Single Cask, Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Finished in sherry casks

Age 35 Years Old

ABV 49%, cask strength, un-chill filtered

Original source: Company Release