Bacardis new rums are designed for use in cocktails

Bacardi's new rums are designed for use in cocktails

Bacardi's Bacardi Grapefruit and Bacardi Raspberry

Category - Spirits, rum, 35% abv

Available - From this month

Location - US

Price - US$12.99 per 75cl bottle

Bacardi has released two new flavours for its namesake rum brand. Bacardi Grapefruit and Bacardi Raspberry will roll out across the US. A Bacardi spokesperson said the flavours will not be available in other global markets.

Bacardi said that "traditional" flavours, such as citrus and berry, have continued to grow in popularity.  According to a Nielsen study from March 2014, traditional flavours represent 85% of flavoured spirit volume vs non-traditional fruit flavours. Two-thirds of flavoured spirits volume is coming from Millennial consumers, the survey said.

Bacardi Grapefruit is a white rum infused with pink grapefruit flavours to create a sour and semi-sweet taste, while Bacardi Raspberry is infused with citrus raspberry flavours to create a taste mixture of sweet and tart, according to the company.