Bacardi has lined up a fresh global promotion for its Bacardi Superior Rum offering.

The drinks company said late last week that the campaign, entitled 'Elixir', will launch in the UK this month as part of a GBP15m (US$29.5m) programme in the country.

As part of the promotion, a new television commercial will run, highlighting Bacardi Superior Rum with a mixer, in this instance, orange juice. Supporting the advert is a range of print executions and digital creative, which feature four new drink mixes for Bacardi Superior Rum. The campaign will roll out across outdoor, print and online sites.

In-bar advertising and radio activity incorporating podcasts will also run alongside the 'Elixir' campaign, with experiential events and a UK-wide grocery sampling campaign aimed at encouraging consumer trial of Bacardi Superior Rum with one of the four new mixer ideas.

The outdoor element of the campaign will use plasma screens in six-sheet format at key city centre locations, delivering both the 'Elixir' campaign and Bacardi Superior Rum content to consumers for eight weeks. The product will feature on the London Underground, utilising LCD six-sheet poster sites and digital escalator panels.

"The Bacardi Superior Rum and cola bar call has been a phenomenal success and is now the most popular bar call in the world," said Liam Newton, director of marketing for Bacardi Superior Rum. "Throughout the brand's history it has been the base for a whole variety of great mixed drinks and cocktails and the new campaign communicates how Bacardi Superior Rum was 'made to mix' to our core audience of LDA-29 year old consumers.

"It encourages consumers to mix Bacardi Superior Rum with four new recommended mixers - orange juice, ginger ale, cranberry juice or lime and soda - all served over ice with a wedge of fresh lime."