Bacardi Brown-Forman has unveiled a global print campaign for its Bombay Sapphire gin brand.

Entitled 'There's Something Inside', the campaign, which launches today (22 December), features a series of 'botanical' images inviting consumers to "discover more about themselves by looking inside".

The images include photography of each botanical ingredient of Bombay Sapphire, alongside portraits of individuals that have "achieved success" in their respective fields.

The first two individuals to be featured in the campaign are UK lawyer turned menswear designer, Duncan Quinn, and New York based tabla protégé, Suphala.

Bombay Sapphire global marketing manager, Raquel Faria said: "Bombay Sapphire wouldn't be Bombay Sapphire without its beautiful blue bottle. And the same can be said about its 10 botanical ingredients which is why we are talking about each one of them in the new campaign.

She added: "We were the first gin to highlight all of our botanicals by listing each of them and their provenance on the bottle."

'There's Something Inside' will launch in select European markets before being rolled out globally in 2010.