Bacardi has renamed its golden rum Bacardi Gold with its original brand name Bacardi Oro, to give the product global consistency.

Bacardi Oro was first produced in 1862, with Oro being the Spanish name for gold. But the brand was renamed when it was first introduced into the UK.

"Over recent years 'Gold' has become a generic name while Oro provides the Bacardi rum brand with a unique point of difference versus other golden rum," Bacardi-Martini said in a statement.
The change in name coincides with a new bottle design. Bruce Ray, director of trade marketing for Bacardi-Martini said: "The new packaging communicates the premium quality and heritage of the Bacardi brand, giving clear visibility at the point of purchase."

The redesign sees an increased use of gold lettering, while the word 'Ron' has been replaced with the signature of Don Facundo Bacardi, the company's founder.