Bacardi has unveiled a global tie-up with former racing driver Michael Schumacher to emphasise the dangers of drink-driving.

'Champions Drink Responsibly', which was announced today (2 April), will include advertising, consumer engagements, public relations and digital media, designed to raise awareness about responsible drinking with a focus on communicating an international 'drinking and driving don't mix' social responsibility message.

The first phase of the campaign, featuring broadcast and print advertising, was unveiled today at the Autoworld Museum in Brussels by Schumacher and Bacardi, with additional international and regional consumer campaign elements rolling out over the next two years.

The campaign will be rolled out initially across 40 countries, with adverts featuring Schumacher available in 15 and 20 second lengths for television, cinema and online media. In addition, there will be a print campaign featuring different statements from Schumacher, including: "A word of advice if you are going out tonight. Taxi."

"As a leading global spirits company, we take our responsibility to educate consumers about responsible drinking very seriously," said Andreas Gembler, Bacardi's president and CEO. "I am delighted that we are joined in our efforts by such a high-profile individual as Michael Schumacher. His passion matches our own and together I know we can have a great impact in raising awareness."

As part of the launch, Bacardi become a signatory of the European Road Safety Charter at a signing ceremony with European Union Transport Commissioner Jacques Barrot. The European Road Safety Charter provides tangible contributions to increasing road safety in Europe with the aim of halving the number of traffic fatalities on European roads by 2010.