Bacardi International has settled its legal action against Independent Liquor (NZ) Ltd. The drinks giant has paid A$220,000 to Independent Liquor to settle legal action it took against Independent Liquor and its Australian subsidiary, Independent Distillers (Australia) Pty Ltd.

The legal action was taken in Australia as Bacardi claimed that Independent's product "Kristov Vodka Cruiser" was a copy of its own "Bacardi Breezer".
In a statement, Independent Liquor said that Bacardi had waited for nearly two years after the release of Kristov Vodka Cruiser in Australia to bring the action against Independent and did not take any action in the other twenty countries in which Kristov Vodka Cruiser is sold.

Although Independent pointed out this inconsistency, Bacardi continued legal action in Australia for several years. In late 2004 Bacardi decided to withdraw but under Australian law was obliged to pay Independent's legal costs.
Kristov Vodka Cruiser remains Australia's largest selling bottled RTD brand, Independent noted.

It outsells Bacardi Breezer in Australia by approximately five to one.