Bacardi has signed a "multi-year" deal with Jamie Oliver

Bacardi has signed a "multi-year" deal with Jamie Oliver

Bacardi is hoping that Jamie Oliver can “democratise” the art of cocktail making with the launch of a new YouTube drinks channel, a senior executive at the spirits firm has said. 

The Bermuda-headquartered group has agreed a “multi-year” tie-up with the chef and entrepreneur to feature its brands on his new Drinks Tube channel.

Speaking to just-drinks at a launch event for the channel in London yesterday (29 April), Bacardi’s chief marketing officer, Andy Gibson, said: “We want Jamie to democratise cocktails the way he democratised food and the kitchen. We want Jamie to totally demystify what is it to make a great cocktail at home.” 

Financial terms of the tie-up between Oliver and Bacardi were not disclosed. 

Earlier, the chef, who already has the channel FoodTube, told guests the consumer-focussed portal will feature the “best mixologists and representers on the planet”. He added: “This ain’t about drinking games and taking alcohol to the place where we don’t want to be. It’s about... putting great ideas out there, telling stories, democratising.” 

The channel also features beer and wine-related content. 

Oliver revealed he was a “latecomer” to the world of drinks. “Even though I was born into a pub... unforgivably, I didn’t understand alcohol as a mix until about a year and a half, two years ago,” he said. 

But he added: "They (mixologists) are just like chefs, the passion, they care and are crazy... just like chefs." 

Bacardi has also launched a website - - and an app as part of its bid to encourage more people to make cocktails. 

Last year, in an exclusive interiew with just-drinks, Bacardi's then-CEO, Ed Shirley, called on the whole industry to help improve consumer knowledge of cocktails