Bacardi has trumpeted its US$250m cash injection into Dewar's Scotch whisky as one of its largest single brand investments in its history.

The drinks company has unveiled a US$250m investment behind the whisky, in response to what it calls growing global demand for Dewar's. The investment will be spread over the next ten years, Bacardi said.

Speaking to just-drinks today (31 July), Joaquin Bacardi, the global brand manager for Dewar's, said: "What's prompted this is the increased demand particularly for our premium and super-premium offerings.

"Asia and China in particular is driving alot of the growth for Dewar's right now. The creation of a stronger middle class leads to them recognising quality premium products. The reputation of Scotch in Asia is very high."

Bacardi also noted that the $250m will be spread over the next ten years. "This is a large investment and we're planning out towards the future to help us meet demand year on year as production and volumes increase," he said.

The initial investment will double the company's existing capacity at its facility in Westhorn in Glasgow. The second phase, meanwhile, will see the company secure a 100-acre site in Scotland, which will triple the size of its aging warehouses, maturation and blending facilities.