Bacardi VP fashion Akiko Maeda

Bacardi VP fashion Akiko Maeda

Bacardi has aligned its Corzo Tequila brand with fashion in New York.

The company has partnered Dead Rabbit bartender Jillian Vose with designer Thaddeus O’Neil to create signature drinks. The move follows Bacardi's sponsorship of New York Fashion Week: Men’s, which saw the brand pair three New York bartenders with three emerging designers to create custom cocktails.

Bacardi VP of fashion Akiko Maeda said: “My focus is to introduce Bacardi to the adult fashion consumers.

“Just as important is content to be shared socially, so even those without these hard-to-get show invitations can participate. The key to our programme is the audience who is sitting outside the fashion world.”

Last month, Bacardi set its sights on the spirits market in China with the creation of the non-executive chairman for Greater China position.