Another HR change has been announced at Bacardi

Another HR change has been announced at Bacardi

Bacardi has confirmed that its CMO is to leave the company, just over two years after assuming the role.

The company said earlier today (1 November) that Silvia Lagnado, who also holds the presidency at Bacardi Global Brands, will vacate the two positions “over the next few months”. In a three-sentence statement, the firm said Lagnado is leaving “to pursue other interests”.

A new CMO will be announced “in due course”, Bacardi said.

Lagnado was unveiled as chief marketing officer in September 2010. Joining Bacardi after 24 years with Unilever, she replaced Stella David, who left Bacardi in August 2009 to become chief executive of William Grant & Sons.

“We thank Silvia for her contributions and dedication to the company and wish her every success,” said Bacardi's president and CEO, Ed Shirley, in today's statement.

A Bacardi spokesperson declined to comment further on the statement given.

Earlier this week, Bacardi announced that its current CFO, Jacques Croisetière, will retire at the end of the year.