Bacardi has begun its 'La Legacia' celebrations for the UK on-trade, introducing the sector to the legacy of Don Facundo Bacardi Massó and allowing attendees to create new cocktails for the occasion.

The rum company said on Friday (8 February) that a series of six La Legacia events, hosted by a seventh generation descendent of Don Facundo Bacardi Massó, will run until 13 February celebrating the anniversary of Bacardi's creation in 1862.

The events will mark the first time in-depth knowledge about the history and heritage of the company has been shared outside of the Bacardi family or its master blenders, the company said.

Bacardi master blender José Gomez said: "All of the Maestros de Ron Bacardi are very proud of what we create and I'm looking forward to showing the UK market that Bacardi Superior Rum is a noble and classic spirit."

Bacardi director of marketing Liam Newton added: "In a time when both bartenders and consumers are becoming more brand savvy, La Legacia will give us a fantastic platform to communicate these wonderful stories about Bacardi Superior Rum, as well as the passionate individuals behind it, in an intimate and personal way."

The company said that the La Legacia de Don Facundo Bacardi Massó events will challenge attendees to "take that legacy forward and create the next generation of Bacardi legacy cocktails".  The company added that the initiative, which will be launched at the event, will be "rolled out over the coming months and will look to create a whole new list of classics".