Bacardi Brown-Forman Brands have secured the UK distribution rights to liqueur brands Tuaca and Chambord.

The company, a UK sales and distribution venture between Bacardi and Brown-Forman, announced the two deals yesterday (27 September).

BBFB is planning a national roll-out of Tuaca, an Italian vanilla and citrus-flavoured liqueur, later this year after already "excellent growth" in cities including London and Brighton.

The company said it plans to invest "heavily" in growing the on-trade presence of Chambord, a French black raspberry liqueur bought by Brown-Forman in July. BBFB said it will focus on promoting Chambord as "a key cocktail ingredient" in top-end UK bars.

Bruce Ray, director of trade marketing for BBFB called Chambord a "fantastic acquisition" for the company. He added: "Tuaca is a unique liqueur with a very distinctive taste that differentiates it from many products already on the market and we look forward to seeing strong results and positive growth for the brand over the next 12 months."

Danes Ltd previously handled Tuaca in the UK, while Malcolm Cowen distributed Chambord.