Bacardi Brown-Forman Brands (BBFB) has forked out GBP1.4m (US$2.6m) to fund an advertising launch for its Bacardi Apple and Bacardi Berry products in the UK.

BBFG said that the lines have been "incredibly successful" in the UK market so far, selling over 100,000 bottles in the off-trade since April 2006. In addition, both flavours have been rolled out to the UK on-trade.

The UK will be the first market to break BBFB's campaign, called Bdelicious, when the posters appear on 5,300 outdoor poster sites nationwide.

The marketing campaign is due to begin this month and continue until Christmas.

Promotions for the Bacardi product have been running throughout the summer months across 20 cities in the UK, including sampling activity reaching a total of 350,000 consumers and a presence at the Bacardi B-live tents at music festivals.
BBFB marketing director Andrew Carter said: "We have already enjoyed a fantastic consumer response to the launch of the new Bacardi flavours since the April launch with interest being heavily driven by innovative sampling campaigns around the UK."