Bacardi-Martini and Brown-Forman have renewed their distribution alliance for the UK market.

The agreement, which began in 2002, has been extended for five more years until 2012. Under the deal, the companies share a sales and logistics force but market their brand portfolios separately.

Bacardi-Martini CEO John Beard said sales of the company's brands had grown "significantly" since the two companies had joined forces.

"The complimentary portfolio of leading premium bar-call spirits ensures we are well positioned to take advantage of the numerous opportunities within the UK market," he added.

Brown-Forman UK managing director Andrew Wilby added that he was "very pleased" that the company's deal with Bacardi-Martini had been extended.

Earlier this week, the companies announced that they would handle the distribution of Brown-Forman's liqueur brands Tuaca and Chambord in the UK.