Click through to view Babco Europes Mickey Finn Whipped Chocolate, Fruit & Nut

Click through to view Babco Europe's Mickey Finn Whipped Chocolate, Fruit & Nut

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Babco Europe's Mickey Finn Whipped Chocolate, Fruit & Nut 

Category - Spirits, flavoured, 15% abv

Available - From last month

Location - UK and Ireland in Asda supermarkets, also in Waxy O’Connor’s and Claddagh Ring on-trade

Price - GBP5.99 (US$9.64) per 50cl bottle

Distribution - On-trade, Proof Drinks

Babco Europe has added to its flavoured spirits line ahead of the holiday season.

Mickey Finn Whipped Chocolate, Fruit & Nut is made with apples, hazlenut and chocolate, according to distributors Proof Drinks. The Mickey Finn fruit range already includes Sour Green Apple, Sour Raspberry and Sour Blueberry.

Earlier this year, Babco Europe launched an apple whiskey under its Mickey Finn label.

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Calling all chocoholics! With chocolate madness sweeping over the UK thanks to ‘National Chocolate Week’ having taken place this month, Babco Europe have added a fitting new dessert flavour to the Mickey Finn range.

‘Mickey Finn “Whipped” Chocolate, Fruit & Nut’ is made using the core ingredient of real apples blended with delicious creamy chocolate and hazelnut, finished to 15% ABV. The smooth, silky blend can simply be enjoyed in a tumbler with ice or a wine glass, as a cocktail ingredient or inventively used in desserts.

The 500 ml eye-catchingly designed bottle hit shelves at Asda in October and is also available in a number of venues across the UK and Ireland, including the Waxy O’Connor’s and Claddagh Ring groups. The established range of Mickey Finn already includes Mickey Finn Sour Green Apple, Mickey Finn Sour Raspberry and Mickey Finn Sour Blueberry, which have surged in popularity as the only low ABV liquor made using real fruits.

C.E.O of Babco Europe Mark Wilson said: “Being one of the most popular chocolate bar flavours in the UK, we think that chocolate Fruit & Nut in a bottle is the perfect treat for chocoholics up and down the country. And It tastes just as good straight as it does over desserts.”

Proof Drinks, who are managing distribution in the on-trade and manning the Mickey Finn social media channels, will be launching a number of marketing promotions linked to the new ‘Taking the Mickey’ and ‘What’s Your Flavourite’ campaigns. These will be pushed via nationwide competitions for consumers and staff.


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