The Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation has appointed Anabel Shears Carter as the new presiding member of its geographical indications committee (GIC).

She replaces Ian Mackley who has served as presiding member for the last nine years.

Shears Carter is a past director of Wine Australia and from 1992 to 1998 served as a board member of the AWBC’s Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation. She has more than 20 years experience in agribusiness industries.

The GIC is an independent Statutory Committee of the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation, established in 1994 to make determinations regarding the geographic boundaries of Australia’s wine regions.

Its main purpose is to protect the use of a regional name under international law, limiting its use to describe wines consisting of a minimum of 85% of fruit from that region, protecting the integrity of the label and safeguarding the consumer.

In making a final determination the committee must consider a number of critical factors including the region’s history, geology, climate, harvest dates, drainage, water availability, elevation and the traditional use of the area and name.