State agents have discovered around a million dollars worth of Jack Daniels whiskey in a storage building in Tennessee in the US, according to local reports.

Authorities said yesterday (1 November) that around 2,400 bottles of the spirit were found while following an investigation into illegal whiskey sales by two local businessmen who reside near the distillery.

The Associated Press reported that the whiskey is estimated to be worth US$1m due to the rarity of some of the bottles. Agents discovered one bottled that was still sealed and dated back to 1914. Other bottles were purportedly not available for sales in the US and appeared to be sold in Italy and Spain, according to one official.

Some of the illegal whiskey was also reportedly found in a motel in Nashville. Authorities have said they were working with the Jack Daniel distillery to determine how the bottles were obtained.

Agents said anyone arrested could face charges of possession of untaxed whiskey and while some of the rare spirits might be auctioned off, most of it will be destroyed.

Currently, no arrests have been made and the investigation continues.