XStream Beverage Group, Inc. has posted a huge rise in sales for the month of August. The beverage brand owner and distributor said yesterday that sales for the month increased by 361% to US$1.246m from US$345,175 in August 2003.

Sales from 1 January, 2004 to 31 August, 2004 increased by over 377% to US$4.481m from US$1.187m in the comparable period of 2003.

The company credited the sales growth to the development of its acquisition programme and the increasing strength of its distribution channels.

Earlier this year, XStream acquired Massachusetts-based Ayer Beverage, the Maui Juice Company and the Squeeze soda brand. The company also owns and operates Beverage Network of South Florida.

Going forward, the company said it plans to continue acquiring small- to medium-sized beverage distributors, developing brands under its own label or through acquisition and leveraging those brands through its current and future distribution channels.