Morrison Bowmore is launching a line of expressions for its Auchentoshan whisky range alongside a new packaging design for the brand.

On-shelf this month, this is the first major re-design for the distiller in over 12 years, the company said today (3 June).

The range extension will include the Classic and 18-year-old expressions while the 12-year-old, Three Wood, and 21-year-old will all gain a new identity. 

The new bottle shape and packaging design will include a thick base bottle, which is more oval-shaped.

Karen Murray, marketing manager for Auchentoshan, said: "We've made bold changes to the packaging design and introduced some new expressions to widen our market appeal and ultimately drive long-term and sustainable growth. 

"It was important for us to consider existing single malt enthusiasts in the design development, while at the same time creating a look that would appeal to first time malt drinkers. The result is a design which incorporates both traditional and contemporary elements."

Presented in pearlised packaging, the bottle shape and the use of contemporary colours aims to maximise its on-shelf presence and present a recognisable product range, the company said.

The new look is designed to appeal to a younger and wider audience of emerging malt consumers.

Auchentoshan will mark the launch of the new product range with trade events in London and Glasgow throughout this month.