Atalon Winery is moving its winemaking and hospitality programmes following its purchase of a rival Napa Valley winery.

The company, owned by Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke and family, announced late last week that it had acquired the Robert Pecota Winery facility and estate vineyards for an undisclosed sum. The Napa Valley-based winery will now shift the programmes to the property, also located in Napa Valley.

"I'm looking forward to making Atalon wines in our new location," said Atalon winemaker Tom Peffer. "The panorama from the property is just spectacular. Mount St. Helena and I will have to keep an eye on each other."

Atalon produces four different wines: Napa Valley-designated Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot; and a vineyard-designated Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

"My family is very pleased to see this special vineyard in the hands of another family that understands farming and will continue to produce very high quality grapes and rich wines," said Bob Pecota. "Atalon Winery will thrive here, and is a welcome neighbour as I transition to another property just down the road to start a very small new winery."

Atalon's co-owner, Jess Jackson, also founded Kendall Jackson Wine Estates.