Asahi Soft Drinks has posted slight rises in both sales and net profit for the first six months of this year.

The Japanese company said today (1 August) that sales for the six months to 30 June were up, coming in at JPY105.2bn (US$914.3m) from JPY102.9bn a year earlier. Net profit followed suit, reaching JPY2.1bn from JPY1.9bn.

Looking forward, Asahi expects full year sales for the group to reach JPY214bn. Net profit should hit JPY5.5bn for the year.

For the full year, group sales are forecast to reach JPY230bn, with net profit expected to come in at JPY5.1bn.

Asahi Breweries said last month that it would spend JPY22.5bn over the next three years to streamline its business and cut costs.

Asahi, which is fighting with rival Kirin Brewery for number one spot in Japan, said it would transfer the production of low-alcohol beverages and soft drinks to a key beer site north of Tokyo.

An Asahi spokesperson said that it would shift production from its Asahi Soft Drinks unit in Kashiwa and from its Nikka Whisky Distilling unit to its brewery at Ibaraki. She declined to comment on whether the two sites would stay open after the transfer.