Asahi Breweries will combine its production systems with those of subsidiary Nikka Whisky Distilling Co to centrally manage ingredient inventories at their 16 breweries and distilling facilities, according to local reports.

The unification is expected to help reduce disposals of unused ingredients, cutting annual costs by about JPY500m (US$4.7m).

The new JPY2.5bn system will be made by Fujitsu and will eventually include all its domestic liquor operations in the system, the reports said.

The consolidation will involve a centralised management team to make it easier to adjust inventories based on the intensity of production activities. Ingredient and material codes will be standardised to make combined purchases easier.

Earlier this month the Japanese beer maker announced it is to issue JPY70bn (US$675m) of convertible bonds, with some of the funds raised to be used to buy back shares.

The company said it would issue JPY35bn worth of bonds due in 2023, and a further JPY35bn worth due in 2028.