Wells & Young's has escaped punishment from the UK's advertising watchdog after complaints an ad for Estrella Damm beer linked alcohol to sexual success.

The ad, which can be viewed above, shows a Spanish garden party, with guests drinking Estrella Damm and cooking a large paella. It also shows couples dancing late into the night and a kiss between two of the guests.

Two complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) were identified, both from the Youth Alcohol Advertising Council, which claimed the ad encouraged irresponsible drinking and linked alcohol to “seduction, sexual activity and sexual success”.

Wells & Young's, which distributes the Grupo Damm-owned Estrella in the UK, denied the charges, saying that the ad's timeline covered a full day, so therefore the amount of beer drunk was not excessive. It also said the kiss during the party was not linked to the consumption of beer and was not portrayed in a sexual or suggestive way.

The ASA agreed and rejected the complaints. “Those drinking were shown doing so in a responsible manner, as they took occasional and controlled sips,” it said. It also ruled that the kiss “was playful and flirtatious in tone, as opposed to sexually charged”.

The Youth Alcohol Advertising Council, part of charity Alcohol Concern, has successfully complained about a number of UK ads this year, including one for Mast-Jägermeister's namesake brand and a Captain Morgan ad from Diageo. Both adverts were banned by the ASA.