Ardea Beverage Company is rolling out its airforce Nutrisoda across the US, starting in Chicago.

The Minneapolis-based company said yesterday (10 May) that it would launch the brand in Chicago, before being released in select major cities nationwide.

"We are thrilled to make airforce Nutrisoda available to a growing number of cities across the US," said Joe Heron, founder and president of Ardea. "Chicago is a progressive, yet wellness-driven community - with a progressive lifestyle that is a perfect fit for our brand of nutrient-enhanced sodas. We have an opportunity to bring an innovative, delicious beverage line to markets that haven't had anything like it before."

A series of events are scheduled in Chicago, starting with yesterday's BSpot Salon event in Bucktown, the company noted.

The range will also hit Puerto Rico, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Louisville throughout this year.

The airforce Nutrisoda range consists of 'Immune' in tangerine and lime flavour; 'Radiant' in pomegranate and black berry; 'Calm' in wild berry and citron; 'Focus' in mango and peach; 'Flex' in black cherry and apple; 'Energize' in mandarin and mint, and 'Slender' in pink grapefruit and guava.