Sky High Rye is Arcadia Ales second craft beer to come in an aluminium can

Sky High Rye is Arcadia Ales' second craft beer to come in an aluminium can

Arcadia Ales has launched another of its craft beers in aluminium cans to help make the product more accessible to consumers. 

West Coast-style pale ale Sky High Rye, available in Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, Kansas, Pennsylvania and Kentucky, now comes in 12oz Rexam cans, Arcadia Ales said yesterday (31 July). "Our consumers will no longer be limited by the restrictions of a glass container, which ultimately makes Sky High Rye more accessible to our fans,” said Arcadia Ales owner Tim Surprise. 

Rich Grimley, president & CEO of Rexam Beverage Can North America, said aluminium cans help craft beer stand out on the shelf and benefit recycling and distribution costs.

Earlier this month, Anhesuer-Bush InBev revealed it is planning to release three new limited-edition craft-style lagers in October. Meanwhile Carlsberg Sweden is also planning to launch a craft-style lager at the same time.