US bottled water company Aquamantra has launched a 100% biodegradable bottle at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California.

The Aquamantra Enso bottle will be available for shipment to store shelves in May, the company said yesterday (8 March).

The bottles are not PLA, are not oxo-degradable, and is a FDA approved 'food grade' PET 1 bottle. They maintain the same properties as traditional PET and can be 'intermingled' with standard PET in recycling streams and programmes, the company said.

"Aquamantra strongly believes that consumers are entitled to choices as to what water they want to drink, which should include easy opportunities to be earth-friendly," said founder and president Alexandra Teklak. "I didn't want to find just any solution, I wanted to find a solution that worked for everyone."