Aqua Vie Beverage Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: AVBC) announced today that 19 Smith's Food & Drug Centers in the Las Vegas area will begin carrying Aqua Vie Hydrators(TM) within the next 30 days. Additionally, Southern Wine & Spirits, a large multi-state beverage distributor headquartered in Florida, has agreed to commence distribution of Aqua Vie products throughout the state of Arizona.

President and CEO Tom Gillespie indicated that the company is concentrating its efforts on solidifying distribution in the southern half of the United States and areas such as Las Vegas, which enjoy heavy international tourist trade throughout the winter months. "Las Vegas, 'the city that never sleeps,' is a year-round international resort destination, which is becoming more and more a mecca for those who appreciate excellent food and drink. In a relatively short time, and with the addition of a new distributor, Aqua Vie is achieving momentum toward becoming an integral part of the food and beverage landscape in the southern half of the United States, where thirst is a way of life," said Gillespie.

Consistent with this focus, Aqua Vie will be participating in The Florida Food Show, which will be held in Ft. Lauderdale, November 6 7, 2000. The two-day event, with an expected attendance of over 2,000 industry professionals, is Florida's premier restaurant and hospitality showcase targeting a region that is home to one of the fastest growing restaurant and hospitality markets in the country.

Management also announced that in cooperation with Golden Key National Honor Society and the Higher Education Center (Boston), Aqua Vie, which, in addition to its Hydrators(TM), has also developed a nonalcoholic wine, has agreed to participate in a five-year research project on means of reducing high-risk drinking. Aqua Vie products contain several all-natural ingredients that provide many of the sensual qualities of alcohol, without the alcohol. The research project, supported by a grant from the National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse and the U.S. Department of education, with 32 colleges and universities participating in the study.

"Trade shows continue to be an important part of Aqua Vie's marketing mix, and cooperative efforts such as the Golden Key project, represent an excellent opportunity to introduce Aqua Vie among students and youth as a beneficial New Age beverage and a reasonable alternative to alcohol," Gillespie said. "The benefits of hydration as a means of combating nutritive deficiencies and substance abuse are becoming more widely recognized, and we look forward to participating in this and other similar research programs," he said.

Low-calorie, non-carbonated, all-natural Aqua Vie Hydrators(TM) are available in seven flavors, including Avalanche(TM), Bamboo(TM), Harvest(TM), Java(TM), McIntosh(TM), Paradise(TM), and Sun Tea(TM).

Aqua Vie Beverage Corporation develops and markets all-natural, lightly flavored, still (non-carbonated) bottled spring water. The company's low-calorie alternative beverages are bacteria-free and contain no preservatives. Aqua Vie produces and markets the Hydrato (TM) line of beverages in the United States and Europe. This beverage line, comprised of seven low-calorie, all-natural beverages that are lightly flavored and packaged in half-liter bottles, is designed to increase one's personal consumption of water, naturally. The underlying technology also serves as the new delivery system for Aqua Vies nutritionally fortified E Line(TM), Elixir(TM), Empower(TM), and Ecstasy(TM), its nutritionally specific line of Aquaceuticals(TM); and Aqua Vie's nonalcoholic wine and champagne beverages made from spring water. For further information about Aqua Vie Beverage Corporation, visit the company's web site at