In a bid to grow its share in the 'on the move' drinks market, UK drinks company Princes Soft Drinks has launched a new 1-litre version of its Aqua-Pura natural mineral water brand.

Consumers are increasingly buying bottles of water to consume on the move and during exercise, Aqua-Pura said, which has led to a 31% increase in sales of sports cap and impulse size bottled waters over the last 12 months. The company's research had revealed that men in particular want larger sports cap water bottles when they exercise and this new variant aims to tap into that market.

"More and more people now understand the importance of staying well hydrated," said Princes Soft Drinks' marketing director David Patmore. "Aqua Pura's 'pura mind, pura body' positioning will be further strengthened by the launch of this new larger-sized impulse purchase pack and our core brand message will reach a new segment of the growing market for natural mineral water."

The 1-litre moulded bottle, which features the brand's sponsor UK:Athletics on its front label, will be available in-store from this month.