Boisset America, Carlsberg and Glanbia head up this month's new products releases, according to Datamonitor's Productscan database.

Boisset America has launched a Tetra Pak prism for its wines in the US and Canada. The carton-style packaging, thought to be the first time French wine has been presented in this type, holds a third more liquid than traditional wine bottles and can be flattened into the recycling bin.

ShotPak, meanwhile, has released a single shot of flavoured liqueur contained in a plastic pouch. The product, also called ShotPak, is aimed especially at frequent flyers.

Carlsberg has this month launched its DraughtMaster Plastic Keg in Denmark, Norway, Portugal and Sweden. The keg offers consumers draught beer at home, and keeps beer fresher for longer, the company claims, by using a process which bars oxygen from entering the keg.

A new range of shot-size functional yogurt drinks has been rolled out in Ireland. Glanbia, the company behind Yoplait Essence, says that the range of functional drinks provides specific health benefits to consumers, and is designed to meet the health concerns of an aging Irish population.

In Japan, Nippon Dairy Community has launched Megmilk drinking milk, which is said to have a better flavour than conventional milk. The product uses a low-temperature de-aeration process, which removes oxygen and therefore prevents oxidation. The carton is also said to protect the milk from heat and light which can damage its flavour, by using a special type of ink. Megmilk has a refrigerated storage life of 13 days.

Productscan Online, published by Datamonitor, is the world's largest and longest-running NPD database.